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3 algemeenFor years now Metapol has been a supplier and manufacturer of high-quality industrial products, single or assembled, in many different types of material, such as brass, bronze, steel, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, Zamac and various polymers. The most important thing for you to know however is that we always stand by our three basic principles: QUALITY, SERVICE and ADVICE. Those are the three pillars that have formed the basis of Metapol’s success for more than ten years. Metapol listens to its customers when it comes to their wishes and ideas. Metapol manufactures and supplies series from 100 to 2,500,000 items, but also small numbers of very complex and/or assembled industrial products and prototypes. Metapol employs highly skilled engineers and professionals in the fields of R&D, material knowledge, deforming and machining materials, quality requirements and standards of industrial products.

Quality – Expect and get top quality

From the Metapol group You can expect products of top quality. But quality goes beyond our products. Our service, technical advise and logistic handling are an important part of our quality. We guarantee quality with the next basic principles in mind:

  • Continuous attention to prevent defaults (zero defaults)
  • Maximum on time delivery
  • An optimal logistic chain by intensive cooperation in the supply chain
  • Good contact with the market and customers as a basis for innovation
  • Continuous improvement process.

All Business Units of the Metapol group work according international quality standards certified according ISO 9001:2008.


We have a large warehouse and one of our services is that we keep your supplies in stock and supply them on a periodic or “just in time” basis. Type of packaging, coding and units are selected in consultation with the buyer.


CIMG4242Metapol has its own R&D department that, in close cooperation with the client, customizes new products from idea to end product and, following a sampling phase, prepares them for production.

Corporate culture

Our corporate culture is informal, with a focus on result, openness, teamwork and personal responsibility being key values. We expect our employees to dare take responsibility, not to shy away from change, work together and respectfully address their colleagues about results and behavior. Metapol employees have a pragmatic and practical approach.

Metapol summarized

Metapol Industries concentrates on the development, manufacture and sales of quality products. Employees around the world have helped us to realize an enormous growth and taken us to the top of our profession and they make sure we stay there. By successfully marketing attractive and innovative products, Metapol keeps the markets in motion. Expertise is not something that materializes from one day to the next, so it’s best to rely on an expert partner. Rely on Metapol’s international environment.


  • Dick Plekkenpol – President
  • Gerald Wessels – Engineering
  • Sylvia Plekkenpol – Purchasing
  • Gerrie Pasman – Customer service
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