Beer taps

Taps are available in all sorts and choices, but The Pearl® is the first choice for many customers. The Pearl® is the first choice beer tap with the following easy installation and ease of use advantages:

  • Simple mounting on beer towers.
  • Extraordinary ease of use with multi tap installations where all taps have to be installed in one straight line.
  • Easy to use adaptor ring (The Pearl® compensator) for an even better use for all kind of beers and in all kind of environments.
  • Extraordinary tap volumes up tot 6 l/min (5 l/min for The Pearl® compensator)
  • Besides all the standard connections customer specific ones can be accommodated
  • Standard in SS with chromed parts and possibility to get other colours like for instance gold-, bronze- and copper plated are available upon request.
  • All materials are chosen for the best performance. All inner parts in contact with beer are approved.

Besides The Pearl® tap there are several other tap lines available for every specific customer wish.

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