Keg couplers and other accessories

Keg couplers

Keg couplers are available in many forms and connections from the well-known coupling by hand to the full automated Keg head: “Metapol knows the way” and can deliver the right keg coupler with your connections.

Cleaning accessories

To get a clean and efficient distribution point glass cleaners, water tap, spills and all kinds of connection accessories are needed. Metapol not only delivers, but also designs new concepts like the compact glass rinse that can be placed next to every tapping point without taking a lot of distribution space: clean and efficient.

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Other accessories

From (high) pressure hoses, tank couplings, beer tap connections, keg sticks, connection nipples, ball taps, coolers up to complete small tapping systems are just a small number of examples of our complete assortment.

Sales actions

The Summer Sale action will start again in April 2015. Top quality for super low prices!!!!!

Please contact us already to hear what is coming…. and where you can take advantage!

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